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Meet the Envzn Team

Envzn was started with the goal of helping others communicate their ideas visually. With background and interests spanning graphic communications, design, entrepreneurship, and management, you're in good hands for at Envzn.

Josh Guter

Our Team.

Envzn Founders

Josh Guter

"Life's a musical thing, enjoy it"

Hello, I’m Josh! I love solving different problems. This desire has led me to entrepreneurship. I’ve done work for multiple startups, but I have a specific love for early opportunity analysis and validation work.

I also love creating visuals that communicate complex ideas. I’ve done work in drafting roles, marketing and communications roles, design lead positions in startups, and I’ve done freelance 3D, 2D and photo/video based work.

I started Envzn with Becca to combine what I’ve learned from entrepreneurship with my passion and experience in graphic communications. 


When I’m not doing work for Envzn you can find me enjoying travel and camping, the beach (skimboarding especially), playing video games, or helping other entrepreneurs with validation work! 

Josh Guter
Rebecca Ross

Rebecca Ross

"Don't send out no ugly food" 

Hi, I'm Becca! I'm an industrial designer (ID) passionate about turning ideas into something tangible and accessible. While I love the entire design process, understanding color, material, finish (cmf), and manufacturing has a special place in my heart.

I started Envzn with Josh because I know how hard it is to think of something great in your head and put it onto paper just the perfect way. It's a skill! I want to take what I've learned to help people see their ideas in real life. I had a great mentor teach me, "don't sent out no ugly food" (an original quote from a sign in a Denny's) and I now live my life by this message. Time, dedication, and a careful design eye should go into every project to make sure it's exactly as you envisioned. 

You can find me reading, watching Netflix, camping, hiking, sailing, and gardening when I'm not working. However, if you look closely, you'll see a design or cmf book is never far away from my side!

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