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See what is happening at Envzn and how our team is helping people communicate their ideas.

MIE Students presenting Envzn presentation

The Journey of Discovery: Envzn and NC State Students Explore New Business Opportunities

Envzn joined forces with students from NC State's Management and Innovation Entrepreneurship (MIE) Business Opportunity Analysis class (MIE 410). Together, they embarked on a project to conduct a comprehensive business opportunity analysis for Envzn, assessing its feasibility and potential for success

How can I use Product Visualization?

Having low-cost visuals is one thing, but knowing how to use them to maximize their value is another. How can you use visuals to get as much value from them as possible?

Kitchen Timer
Kitchen Timer

Lowering the Cost of Visualization

We live in a time when software enables us to visualize things and scenarios that don't exist yet. At Envzn, we can do this work and help entrepreneurs, innovators, and others test demand for products, services, and more before spending loads of money and time on production.

What is Product Visualization?

At Envzn, we do “product visualization” work in many different ways. But what does that actually mean?

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