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What is Product Visualization?

At Envzn, we do “product visualization” work in many different ways. But what does that actually mean?

Product visualization can be described in multiple different ways. Some definitions say it’s a specialized section of design where marketing and visual effect intersect. Other definitions say that product visualization specifically uses 3D modeling software to create concepts of products to use in marketing. Another definition says that product visualization allows sales representatives to create, price, and quote products by only using a visual asset and not the product itself. 


All of these definitions are correct! At Envzn, we do this “product visualization” work in many different ways. In combination with our extensive experience in customer discovery and opportunity analysis, it has given us a unique opportunity. We can help entrepreneurs, innovators, and others communicate their ideas and test the demand for their products. 


It’s true, this work is done using 3D modeling software. It is also true that the products created are used in marketing even if they don’t exist as a manufactured object. And yes, these visuals and renders are used to get buyers and investors interested in the product before it’s made which saves money, time, and resources.

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